Seven Rubies Dobermans - Scam Artists

Gulfport, Mississippi 3 comments

I tried to get a doberman puppy from Seven Rubies Dobermans and put down a deposit on a puppy.A couple weeks later when I tried to get the dog, they told me they had sold the dog to someone else and refused to give me back the $100 deposit I had given them to reserve the puppy.

They told me they couldn't give me back the deposit because the person they sold the puppy to was a friend of theirs and they had sold the puppy for less. These people are scam artists!

Please, if you're looking for a doberman do not trust these people!They will lie and steal from you for a profit!

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Pensacola, Florida, United States #726518

I have done business with Seven Rubies Dobermans and had no issues at all.I drove over, chose my puppy, placed my deposit and got a signed and dated receipt along with a contract.

Their dogs are well cared for and very friendly.

We made 2 more trips to see our little lady before we took her home.:)


Well I can relate, my friend breed her male dog to her female dog and they never paid her money for stud fee! They are very shady and crooked! THEY ALSO BREED THEIR DOGS TO DEATH VERY IN HUMANE!all I can say is buy at your own risk

Carriere, Mississippi, United States #610385

Uh, definitely not buying this persons post.Sorry.

My wife and I purchased an amazing male Doberman from Seven Rubies last year. To give Seven Rubies the deposit you must visit them, visit with the puppy and after that a receipt and typed, signed agreement is exchanged. They take a check only for the deposit and do not cash it until after the puppy is delivered. They hold the puppy until it has had its initial round of shots and vet visits and also until it is healthy enough to leave its mother.

So I'm not seeing how its possible they were "refused" the return on their deposit, they don't actually except money until after the puppy leaves.I'm calling B.S.

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